Annual study from The Financial Brand: Google search trends in the banking industry

Article published on March 20th, 2017, by:


Google Trends is a utility using the search giant’s vast database to shed light on everything from the spread of flu outbreaks to economic predictions.

Here are some key trends highlighted:

  1. Fintech: Friend or Foe?

    Financial institutions still haven’t decided whether the “fintech” craze represents a threat or opportunity. Either way, most are intimidated. Which explains why everyone is paying such close attention.

  2. GAFA Banking Models

    Many industry pundits and analysts have theorized what would happen to traditional institutions if Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon (GAFA) decided to enter the retail banking space. Based on the trend data, it seems that the most likely contenders are Google and Facebook.

  3. CX, UX and the Customer Journey

    Thanks in large part to the digital experiences consumers enjoy in other industries like travel and retail, banking providers are paying more and more attention to the customer journey. We can see that searches for related terms like “customer experience” are on the rise.

  4. Data Sciences

    Whether you’re talking about “data analytics,” “big data,” “predictive analytics” or “artificial intelligence,” all indicators suggest this is one of the most important trends facing the financial industry today. No sector (besides perhaps the government) sits on larger repositories of data than banking providers.

  5. Shifting From Traditional Advertising to Digital Marketing

    Looking at Google’s trending data, it’s obvious that digital strategies are redefining and dominating the new marketing landscape. Searches for “content marketing”, “retargeting”, “native advertising”, “programmatic advertising” and “marketing automation” platforms are all skyrocketing.

To access the full article and see each Google Trend graph, please click here.

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