Décryptage par EY


  • James Kuffner (Toyota Research Institute)
  • Omar Abdelwahed (SoftBank Robotics America – Pepper Project)
  • Chris Jones (iRobot – Roomba)

Pepper: humanoid robot by Aldebaran Robotics and SoftBank designed with the ability to read emotions

Roomba – « Smart » Vacuum by iRobot

Key intakes:

  • Current state of robotics software reached by researching on limited number of use cases: e.g. customer interactions on pre-defined subjects, works on generic responses to pre-defined situations…)
  • Robotics hardware currently designed based on two drivers:
    • Give life to developped softwares (and not the other way around)
    • Improve customer experience through emotions, animations and speech while maximizing customer confidence
  • All stakeholders now focus on making their robots proactive, curious robots aimed at creating realistic experiences for customers
  • Huge expected impact of cloud-based robotics: learning instantaneously from other robots through the cloud allows to manage all data collected and share it with all robots to ensure better experience

Next steps for robotics: